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Teekkarikuoro and TeekkariKvartti (our quartet) perform in different events all over Finland, but mainly in the Pirkanmaa region. If you want to celebrate big time, the best thing is to have an entire choir join you! If that seems a bit too much for you, our quartet TeekkariKvartti (4-8 people) makes any smaller occasion like a birthday or a get-together complete.

Our prices differ depending on the gig. The length and the style of the gig, the travel costs, the possible food/drinks served to the singers and other factors all affect the price. We make very good offers to student organizations. The general price range for Teekkarikuoro is approximately 420-520 euros and for TeekkariKvartti approximately 280-350 euros.

It’s easy to book a gig, just fill the form below and submit it. The person responsible for our bookings will contact you in a couple of days time to discuss the price and other details. A booking made with this form isn’t final by itself.

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