Tampereen yliopiston Hervannan kampuksella laulaa sekakuoro, joka 35 vuotta toimittuaan tekee edelleen “teekkarit ylpeiksi ja muut kateellisiksi”, kuten the application advert in 1985. Most of the singers are students of technology, but the 50 members of the choir also include Masters of Science and people from other academic fields.

Johanna Lantto, conductor of Teekkarikuoro

Johanna Lantto has conducted Teekkarikuoro for more than ten years and during that time, the choir has released two albums. Tuoreemmalla, vuonna 2016 julkaistulla Alussa oli insinööri (‘In the Beginning, There Was an Engineer’) that came out in 2016 takes a humane approach to technology, students of technology and Tampere.

From choir, with love

Musiikin tekemiseen suhtaudutaan kuorossa kunnianhimoisesti unohtamatta kuitenkaan hyvää meininkiä. Teekkarikuoro pyrkii elävään sointiin ja monipuoliseen ohjelmistoon, ja saikin tunnustukseksi kultaleiman vuoden 2017 sekä 2019 Tampereen Sävelen kuorokatselmuksissa.

The emphasis of the choir’s repertoire is on popular music, both Finnish and non-Finnish pop and rock, but the repertoire also includes classical choir compositions and folk songs and songs by different vocal ensembles (Rajaton, Club for Five, King's Singers).

Drinking songs and Tuopin täydeltä album

Teekkarikuoro specializes in drinking songs, which you can hear on the choir’s first album Tuopin** täydeltä (2010). The album includes both new drinking songs and traditional ones that you can also find in the TUT drinking song book Rasputin.

Concerts and other performances of Teekkarikuoro

Teekkarikuoro has two concerts each year, and in addition to that, it performs in numerous occasions, both on the university premises and elsewhere. You can find information about upcoming concerts in the choir’s Facebook&nbspand Instagram&#32accounts.

Other annual traditions of the choir include an arrangement competition and a drinking song competition, open to all fans of drinking songs. The purpose of these events is to maintain the academic singing tradition of Finnish university students, and to produce new material for the choir to sing.

Vocal group TeekkariKvartti

The vocal group of the group performs in many different events. You can use this form to book us!

Teekkarikuoro off-duty

In addition to a weekly chour practice, Teekkarikuoro organizes different events to its members at least once a month. These events include sauna evenings, excursions and camps, to name a few. The traditional band event TALent Hervanta allows choir members to experiment in progressive rock, cello duets, lovey-dovey-ballads, German heavy metal or whatever they come up with.

Choir spirit

There is a lot more to Teekkarikuoro than just singing - during all their adventures, the choir members have shared countless unforgettable moments, both outside and inside practice rooms and concert halls.

*teekkari = student of technology in a Finnish university
**tuoppi = a beer pint