Alussa oli insinööri comes out

Tampere and the essence of being a teekkari are the recurring themes of Teekkarikuoro’s second album. The traditional teekkari song Teekkarihymni got new lyrics and was switched from minor to major and so Tampereen teekkarien juhlahymni was born. Drinking songs were of course an indisputable addition to Teekkarikuoro’s album. The teekkari song potpourri Teemu Teekkari (includes the hit song Pesupallo ) was also recorded. Huuan mie humalattakin , on the other hand, is a kind of an anti-drinking song whose lyrics come from a poem in Kanteletar . It was composed for the choir by Jussi Tamminen, a composer and a conductor who also used to influence in Teekkarikuoro. Other compositions commissioned for this album were Canon Indeed that was composed by Jaakko Mäntyjärvi and Alussa oli insinööri that was composed by Anna-Mari Kähärä and whose lyrics are by Sinikka Nopola. This humoristic cantata was composed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tampere University of Technology.

The album was recorded in April and November 2016 in Kangasala-talo, and published on the 29th of November 2016.

Join us on a journey into the world of technology. You may be surprised.

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