Singing Sauna

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Date and time
Date(s) - 06.02.2024
18:00 - 23:59

Do you want to leave your mark on teekkari culture? Is your desk covered by song drafts?

PerinneSeura and Teekkarikuoro are arranging the traditional Singing Sauna again on Tuesday, Feb 6 at 6 pm in Teekkarisauna Mörrimöykky. The main event of the evening is the competition of new teekkari songs, and the winning song will be in the next edition of Rasputin. After the competition, the evening will be continued with karaoke, and sauna will naturally be on.

Link to the pre-signup

P.S. Fuksis can get a unique piece to the fuksi puzzle and unique fuksi points from the sauna